Spree - a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

“Women, I thought, whether they’re cryin’ for help or cryin’ for more, it all comes out sound­ing the same.“
From his crazy mother Delores to his some­times girl­friend Julia to a host of women he’s screwed and screwed over, hard-​drinking, wild-​living Lonny Flynn never seems to find the right kind of love. Even fam­ily and friends have betrayed him. Now he’s out of prison and bent on a blood­fest, drop­ping in on some old bud­dies and part­ners in crime who hoped (and maybe prayed) they’d seen the last of him.

The novella Spree is avail­able both as a sep­a­rate edi­tion and also as part of the col­lec­tion The Silence Between the Screams.

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