Dancing with Demons, a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

“If you see some­one across a crowded room to whom you’re instantly, over­whelm­ingly attracted, RUN – in the oppo­site direction!”

Recov­er­ing alco­holic Jessie Tauber ignores that advice, allow­ing into her life the enig­matic Simon, with his pen­chant for secrecy and bondage games. By turns sen­su­ous, seduc­tive, and bru­tal, Simon seems con­jured up from her most erotic dreams and most blood-​soaked nightmares.

Soon Jessie is enmeshed in mad­ness, as she and Simon make a ter­ri­fy­ing trip across Col­orado, throw­ing any­one who might stand in the way of their twisted love into deadly peril.

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