Saving Souls: a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

Cass Lumetto’s new boyfriend is behind bars. He was con­victed of one mur­der. Now Cass wants to prove that he got away with another-​killing her col­lege room­mate. And though Cass thinks she’s tough enough to han­dle it, she’s dead wrong.

AMA­ZON REVIEW: This book is so good! This is the sec­ond Lucy Tay­lor book I have read. What ini­tially caught my atten­tion was the dark, brood­ing cover. I am not usu­ally a fan of “noir” thrillers, but this author has got­ten me totally hooked on her stuff. The main char­ac­ter “Cass” is a won­der­ful mix­ture of like­able and not so like­able. The story is set in a some­what dark area “prison, good vs bad reli­gion, sex” and the author inter­min­gles all of her char­ac­ters won­der­fully. —Tina

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