Eternal Hearts - a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

AMA­ZON REVIEW: Noth­ing Beats Old World of Dark­ness
Don’t expect Dick­ens or Shake­speare. I am a big fan of Lucy Tay­lor but this was a work for hire based on some­one else’s set­ting. This book has a great under­ly­ing story of polit­i­cal intrigue, vil­lainy and the essen­tial moral ques­tion of Vam­pire: the Mas­quer­ade. Taken at what it is, it is a great novella and a quick read. Well writ­ten, easy to read and a page turner. Most books would floun­der start­ing with so many dif­fer­ent and seem­ingly sep­a­rate story lines. This book reads so quick and, with its rel­a­tively short page count, move the story fast enough that you get to where the threads come together before you find your­self won­der­ing how or when they do. If you don’t like erot­ica, you don’t like hor­ror, you don’t like rape fan­tasies, then this book is not for you. If you’re look­ing for a walk on the dark­side, this is a very nice park of hor­rors to stroll through. —By W. Brown

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