A Respite for the DeadA new nov­el­ette from Omnium Gatherum Press.

When Zack, Kaitlin and their two chil­dren relo­cate to New Mex­ico, they plan to start a new life in the “Land of Enchant­ment,” but what they find is some­thing far more fore­bod­ing and omi­nous. Kaitlin’s pho­tog­ra­phy assign­ment takes them on “death jaunts” around the State, their neigh­bor is a man har­bor­ing a ter­ri­ble secret, and three peo­ple who died near their house appear to have been flee­ing for their lives. Before long, Zack is ter­ri­fied of los­ing both his wife and his san­ity, and the fam­ily dis­cov­ers that death may be much closer to home than they thought.

The Safety of Unknown Cities - A Dark Fantasy Novel

Lucy Taylor’s The Safety of Unknown Cities is one of the most impres­sive debut nov­els cen­tered around relationship-​driven fic­tion cat­alyzed by hor­rific events mostly real­is­tic, some­times super­nat­ural.” — Edward Bryant, Locus Magazine

Nailed: a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor’s Stoker award-​winning first novel, THE SAFETY OF UNKNOWN CITIES, is becom­ing an illus­trated and com­pletely re-​typeset edi­tion, to be pub­lished by The Over­look Con­nec­tion Book­store and Press in 2015!

Saving Souls: a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

Cass Lumetto’s new boyfriend is behind bars. He was con­victed of one mur­der. Now Cass wants to prove that he got away with another-​killing her col­lege room­mate. And though Cass thinks she’s tough enough to han­dle it, she’s dead wrong.

Left to Die - a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

Late one night…a sin­gle mother accepted a ride home from a woman she didn’t know. She wanted to get home safely to her chil­dren. She had no idea what she was in for.

Dancing with Demons, a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

If you see some­one across a crowded room to whom you’re instantly, over­whelm­ingly attracted, RUN – in the oppo­site direction!”

Spree - a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

Women, I thought, whether they’re cryin’ for help or cryin’ for more, it all comes out sound­ing the same.“
From his crazy mother Delores to his some­times girl­friend Julia to a host of women he’s screwed and screwed over, hard-​drinking, wild-​living Lonny Flynn never seems to find the right kind of love.

Eternal Hearts - a dark fantasy novel by Lucy Taylor

This book has a great under­ly­ing story of polit­i­cal intrigue, vil­lainy and the essen­tial moral ques­tion of Vam­pire: the Masquerade.