Danse Macabre

Close Encoun­ters with the Reaper

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Peo­ple die from old age, ill­ness, acci­dent, vio­lence, despair. They can die before they are born. The happy and the sad, the sane and insane, the rich and the poor, the law abid­ing and the crim­i­nal, the genius and the fool, the saint and the sin­ner. Some face death con­sciously, oth­ers die in their sleep. But we all die and Danse Macabre is a kind of uni­ver­sal melt­ing pot for death. My goal is to cre­ate an anthol­ogy that is a lit­er­ary ver­sion of the Danse Macabre art­work, show­ing the same range of human­ity in a vari­ety of sit­u­a­tions and encoun­ters with death.” — Nancy Kilpatrick

This anthol­ogy is the most unusual and orig­i­nal col­lec­tion of sto­ries you’ll ever read! It is a lit­er­ary ver­sion of Danse Macabre “Plague art”. Twenty-​six lit­er­ary reflec­tions that embody those themed, clas­si­cal art­works devoted to the spec­trum of humanity’s intrigu­ing inter­ac­tions with the Angel of Death.

Danse Macabre includes works by:

Gabriel Boutros, Brad Car­son, Suzanne Church, Dan Devine, Lorne Dixon, Tom Dulle­mond, Opal Edgar, Ian M. Ember­son, Edward M. Erdelac, Sab­rina Fur­minger, Stan­ley S. Hamp­ton, Sr., Brian Hodge, Nancy Holder & Erin Under­wood, J. Y. T. Kennedy, Nancy Kil­patrick, Tanith Lee, Brian Lum­ley, William Meikle, Lisa Mor­ton, Tom Pic­cir­illi, Mor­gan Dempsey, Tim­o­thy Reynolds, Angela Roberts, Lawrence Salani, Lucy Tay­lor, Bev Vin­cent, Bill Zaget.

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