Exotic Gothic 5Vol­ume II — with Lucy’s story

Exotic Gothic 5 (vol­umes 1 and 2)

Volume IVol­ume IAn anthol­ogy edited by Danel Olson with mag­nif­i­cent cover art by Apoli­nar Chuca

This year the series has gone far­ther than ever before to include authors who won­drously cap­ture the Gothic spirit. Authors from eleven coun­tries con­tribute new fic­tion (or fic­tion never before pub­lished in Eng­lish) to the fifth in the Exotic Gothic series – twenty-​six sto­ries in all, split into two volumes.

Early on edi­tor Danel Olson made a com­mit­ment to encour­age gen­der bal­ance in the anthol­ogy. After read­ing with shock how women writ­ers are severely under­rep­re­sented in many genre antholo­gies, Olson asked, “Why are we cheat­ing our­selves and our read­ers in this way? And how do we face our daugh­ters if we per­pet­u­ate that unfair­ness?” Thus thir­teen of the sto­ries are writ­ten by women, and thir­teen by men.

With great sat­is­fac­tion PS Pub­lish­ing now presents what may be the most involv­ing and affect­ing sto­ry­telling yet to appear in the entire Gothic Quintet…

Vol­ume Two begins with a pref­ace by Danel Olson and includes sto­ries by Terry Dowl­ing, Kola Boof, Lily Herne, John Llewellyn Probert, Beru­men & Coy­ote, Car­los Her­nan­dez, Thana Niveau, Anil Menon, Charu Nivedita, Deb­o­rah Noyes, Reg­gie Oliver, Paul Park, Lucy Taylor

A short excerpt from my own story “Djinn’s Blood”:

As the Metro Tur­izm bus from Ankara pulled into the otogar, I squinted through the dust-​caked win­dow, search­ing for a face that might be famil­iar to me or for some­one hold­ing up a sign with LYDIA OZBEK printed on it.

I saw no one and won­dered if Tarkan’s Aunt Sonya had received my email from the hotel in Istan­boul two days ear­lier, telling her that Sofia and I would soon be arriv­ing in Goreme.

Beside me, five-​year-​old Sofia stirred and sat up, blink­ing at the hub­bub of cars, dol­muses, and pedes­tri­ans out­side. She gazed up at me, a lovely child with cherub cheeks and daz­zling amber eyes, the irises starred with bril­liant flecks of topaz.
Are we back in Michi­gan yet? I thought she must be wondering.

I ruf­fled her jet curls. “This is Cap­pado­cia, honey. It’s where your Daddy’s fam­ily lives.”

From “Djinn’s Blood”

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