Exotic Gothic 4

EXOTIC GOTHIC 4 is avail­able from Post­cripts #28/​29 and includes sto­ries by Margo Lana­gan, Adam Nevill, Reg­gie Oliver, Lucy Tay­lor, Stephen Ded­man Terry Dowl­ing, Iso­belle Car­mody Anna Taborska, and others.

In 2013, Exotic Gothic 4 won the World Fan­tasy Award for Best Anthology.

How the Exotic Gothic Series Came To Be

Exotic Gothic series edi­tor Danel Olson dates his pas­sion for Gothic con­flicts, char­ac­ters, and set­tings back to a bro­ken place of lost drreams and loster minds. It was where his Mom, all in white, occa­sion­ally took him to as a lit­tle boy when there was no one else to watch him — her employer, the Brain­erd State Hos­pi­tal, a men­tal asy­lum now mostly in dis­use. Through slow win­ter morn­ings and longer sum­mer after­noons, he waited near the gigan­tic kitchen for her shift to end. A mem­o­rable babysit­ter is the State. He remem­bers draw­ing and read­ing comics and eat­ing waf­fles with straw­ber­ries as he over­heard patients’ dec­la­ra­tions and con­ver­sa­tions over the din­ing hall tables. Sto­ries infer­noed with fear and anguish, cry­ing, long pauses, real demons, move­ment dis­or­ders, shouts, but then inex­plic­a­ble
laugh­ter were the order of the day at the psy­chi­atric hos­pi­tal caf. And so close to the mad­ness of these com­mit­ted strangers was the sweet­ness of his Mother’s love.

As evi­denced by Exotic Gothic 4 and in true Gothic style, Danel now finds him­self com­pelled to reen­act the past…he is still learn­ing the gory and melan­cholic details of the lat­est story, and still col­lect­ing the uncanny, dis­traught, fevered tales for oth­ers to this day.

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