Miseria’s Chorale

The hor­ror anthol­ogy Miseria’s Chorale, edited by David Nell, was pub­lished in late 2013. Fea­tur­ing “48 of the most fright­en­ing and unique voices in mod­ern hor­ror.” This is a mam­moth anthol­ogy that takes read­ers to places they may not want to go and will def­i­nitely not soon forget.

Axes of Evil Anthology

Edited by hor­ror writer Alex John­son, the anthol­ogy AXES OF EVIL com­bines two ever pop­u­lar themes: heavy metal and hor­ror. Due out from Chupa Cabra House in April 2014, this is “splat­ter ‘n grind” at its best!

Danse Macabre

Peo­ple die from old age, ill­ness, acci­dent, vio­lence, despair. They can die before they are born. The happy and the sad, the sane and insane, the rich and the poor, the law abid­ing and the crim­i­nal, the genius and the fool, the saint and the sinner.

21st Century Gothic

Read Lucy Taylor’s essay titled “Nancy Drew Goes Gothic?” in 21st Cen­tury Gothic — Great Gothic Nov­els Since 2000.

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The 53 orig­i­nal works dis­cussed in Twenty-​First-​Century Gothic rep­re­sent the most impres­sive Gothic nov­els writ­ten around the world between 20002010.

Exotic Gothic

IN THE OLD GOTHIC, noth­ing scared so much as a touch of the cold and the for­eign in the midst of the familiar.….

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Exotic Gothic 2

New Tales of Taboo

Edited by Danel Olson

Be drawn into Gothic enig­mas from seven con­ti­nents, and strug­gle to find your own expla­na­tion for the inex­plic­a­ble in these twenty-​four orig­i­nal stories.

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Exotic Gothic 3

Strange Vis­i­ta­tions

Edited by Danel Olson

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Every Gothic story changes a no into a yes… Spirit your­self into the deserted man­sions of these twenty-​three orig­i­nal tales of sin­is­ter beauty…

Exotic Gothic 4

EXOTIC GOTHIC 4 is avail­able from Post­cripts #28/​29 and includes sto­ries by Margo Lana­gan, Adam Nevill, Reg­gie Oliver, Lucy Tay­lor, Stephen Ded­man Terry Dowl­ing, Iso­belle Car­mody Anna Taborska, and others.

In 2013, Exotic Gothic 4 won the World Fan­tasy Award for Best Anthology.

Exotic Gothic 5

Exotic Gothic 5 (vol­umes 1 and 2)

An anthol­ogy edited by Danel Olson with mag­nif­i­cent cover art by Apoli­nar Chuca

This year the series has gone far­ther than ever before to include authors who won­drously cap­ture the Gothic spirit. Authors from eleven coun­tries con­tribute new fic­tion (or fic­tion never before pub­lished in Eng­lish) to the fifth in the Exotic Gothic series – twenty-​six sto­ries in all, split into two volumes.